Our Outreach


We believe in giving of our time, hearts and finances to create a better community and world. Here are a few of the organizations our team members are involved in at one level or another.

Hope for the World



Hope for the World; sharing God’s love for people in the world by providing for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.


Pet Partners




Pet Partners is the national leader in demonstrating and promoting animal-assisted therapy, activities, and education. Nearly forty years since the organization’s inception, the science that proves these benefits has become indisputable.

Agape Tactical




“A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

Proverbs 22:3


With this scripture as our guide, AGAPE Tactical strives to provide superior training to individuals, families, churches, and businesses in the art of self-protection. All that we do in the service of others must come from a place of agape love.